PDD Online - Fire Alarm System Modification


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Introducing Shape PHX - Phoenix's new permitting system!

PDD will transition to a new time saving and customer friendly permitting system called Shape PHX in Early 2022. The first phase includes residential single-family related online permits, plan review and inspections.

More information about the Shape PHX project, click here: https://www.phoenix.gov/pdd/SHAPE-PHX/ Future information about the new permitting system will be posted at this link, so please bookmark it for future use.

This permit is for an inspection of a fire alarm system modification which may include power booster. A maximum of five new devices can be added under this permit. For larger projects, a plan review submittal and separate permit are required. All existing fire protection systems must have their required annual inspections completed and be fully operational prior to the approval of this inspection.

NO other fire system work can be included in this permit. Contractors must be on the approved contractor list with the Fire Department.