PDD Online

The city of Phoenix Planning & Development Department is excited to share SHAPE PHX, the new Land Management Information System, with you. SHAPE PHX officially launched on June 6, 2022 with Release 1. Release 1 will introduce 80 Single Family Residential permit categories to the SHAPE PHX system, followed by Residential Subdivisions, Commercial permit categories, Hearings and Planning projects in future releases. For a complete list of Release 1 items visit the Planning and Development SHAPE PHX (phoenix.gov) webpage.

All users submitting for plan review, permitting, licensing or other items in Release 1 will need to create a new user account to use the SHAPE PHX system. To create a SHAPE PHX account, visit the SHAPE PHX Portal (phoenix.gov) homepage. Users that have projects in Release 1 and future releases will work out of PDD Online, ProjectDox and SHAPE PHX portals.

If you have any questions or issues, email the SHAPE PHX team at shapephx@phoenix.gov.

PDD Online is an interactive web application that allows residents and businesses to quickly and easily apply for city of Phoenix permits.

Users may apply for, provide documentation and pay for various permits that are offered by the city of Phoenix Planning & Development Department.


(single-family and duplex units only)

This pilot program is currently only available to pre-approved contractors. If you are interested in participating in the pilot program, please contact Ken Alexander at 602-534-2363.

The SolarAPP permit process requires solar photovoltaic plans to be submitted through SolarAPP at https://solarapp.nrel.gov/.

The applicant must receive approval documentation from SolarAPP prior to applying for the City of Phoenix SolarAPP permit listed below.

For more information on the SolarAPP permitting process, please click here.

Separate permit is required from the Phoenix Fire Department for solar photovoltaic installation. For more information, please click here.


(Contractor must be licensed by Phoenix Fire Department)


(triplex, fourplex, apartments, condominiums, and commercial properties)