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Hints: Searches can be done using permit type, structure class, or a combination of both.  Please note that the results are AND'ed together so you will see only the permits with the type specified that have the selected structure class.
*Both Permit Type and Structure Class cannot be an ALL selection; one or the other must be selected.
**Dates on which no permits were issued will not appear in the list boxes. 
The pick lists are a shortcut to fill in the date fields.  Any date may be entered even if it is not in the pick lists.  If both dates are entered, the start date must precede the end date.  Leaving one date empty will limit the search as shown below:

Start Date End Date Effect
Blank 01/01/2001 All permits issued before 01/01/2001
01/01/2002 Blank All permits issued after 01/01/2002

The 'Create File' option generates a comma-delimited field-quoted file (.CSV) suitable for most spreadsheets.  The first record contains the search criteria, the second contains the column headings.