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By Project Number (can use wildcard)
Project numbers begin with the two digit year followed by a "-" and then the number Example: 99-1234

By Project Name (should use wildcard)
Precede and Follow a key word in the project name with wildcards(*) Example: *paradise*


Search Hints:
You may use a wildcard search character in an item. Please note that valid characters are the following:
* - replaces any number of characters. Can be used anywhere in the item.
Example: '*X' could return 'PHOENIX' and 'WAX'. '*X*' would return these plus 'XREF' or 'AJAX' or 'TAXI'
? - Replaces one character for each '?'. Any number can be used in the item.
Example: '?RID' would find 'ARID' and 'GRID', but not 'RIDE' or 'RID'. '?I?' would return 'AIR', but not 'BIRD'.

Click on column name to sort search results by that column, click again to sort in the opposite direction