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The city of Phoenix Planning & Development Department is excited to share SHAPE PHX, the new Land Management Information System, with you. SHAPE PHX officially launched on June 6, 2022 with Release 1. Release 1 will introduce 80 Single Family Residential permit categories to the SHAPE PHX system, followed by Residential Subdivisions, Commercial permit categories, Hearings and Planning projects in future releases. For a complete list of Release 1 items visit the Planning and Development SHAPE PHX (phoenix.gov) webpage.

All users submitting for plan review, permitting, licensing or other items in Release 1 will need to create a new user account to use the SHAPE PHX system. To create a SHAPE PHX account, visit the SHAPE PHX Portal (phoenix.gov) homepage. Users that have projects in Release 1 and future releases will work out of PDD Online, ProjectDox and SHAPE PHX portals.

If you have any questions or issues, email the SHAPE PHX team at shapephx@phoenix.gov.

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