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   Project numbers begin with the two digit year followed by a "-" and then the number Example: 99-1234

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Show temps:
Clicking 'Yes' will include temporary/unissued permits in the results along with the issued permits.

Search Hints:
Y ou may use a wildcard search character in an item. Please note that valid characters are the following:
* - replaces any number of characters. Can be used anywhere in the item.
Example: '*X' could return 'PHOENIX' and 'WAX'. '*X*' would return these plus 'XREF' or 'AJAX' or 'TAXI'
? - Replaces one character for each '?'. Any number can be used in the item.
Example: '?RID' would find 'ARID' and 'GRID', but not 'RIDE' or 'RID'. '?I?' would return 'AIR', but not 'BIRD'.

Avoid a wildcard as the first character of a search if possible - this helps improve the search time. For example, if you know a professional name is World something, '*WORLD*' would take substantially longer than 'WORLD*' or even 'W*'.  The tighter a search is restricted by more characters, the faster it will work.

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