How to search the City of Phoenix Campaign Finance Database

This system is used to search for campaign finance records that have been filed with the City Clerk by the following types of organizations since January 1, 2013.

Political Committees – A candidate or any association or combination of persons that is organized for the purpose of influencing the result of any election or to determine whether an individual will become a candidate (see Arizona Revised Statutes Section 16-901 for additional information)

Independent Expenditure Organizations – Corporations, Labor Organizations or Limited Liability Companies making expenditures to support or oppose one or more candidates

To begin a search, click on one of the selections at the top of the screen. These selections include Political Organizations, Contributions and Expenditures.

Click here to find campaign finance records filed prior to January 2013.

Please contact us with any questions by sending an email to or calling 602-262-6837.