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All of the political organizations that have filed a registration document with the City Clerk are listed below. You can sort this list in ascending or descending order by clicking on a column heading. If an arrow appears to the left of the Committee/Org Name, more detail is available by clicking on the arrow

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Click on the PDF symbol in the Reg Doc column to see all of the most recent registration information. You can search within the document by using the Find feature in the Edit menu item in your document reader or by pressing and holding the Ctrl + F keys.

Political committee names in blue, bold-faced type are registered with the secretary of state as a Standing Political Action Committee. These committees are required to file campaign finance reports only with the secretary of state (; 602-542-8683).

Helpful Hint:
COP ID# is the City of Phoenix Identification number assigned to the committee or organization.
CAN - Candidate’s Campaign Committee
IE - Independent Expenditure Organization
MC - Maricopa County (Designation for older Standing Political Action Committee)
PAC - Political Action Committee

Committee / Org Type: Political Function: Candidate Name: COP ID#
Committee / Org Name: Chairman Name: Treasurer Name: